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Image by Andreas Dress

Currently, Meet the Fossyls is going through some exciting developments: the scope of the project is going to be expanded! 


First, these changes will get introduced on the Social Media channels. The website will go through some renewals some time after.

Heterorhea dabbenei_edited.png

Welcome to the magnificent world of Fossyls, where long extinct species, that once roamed our planet, come back to life!
Currently, we host
many extinct species in our digital exhibits, where you can learn all about them!
Pay them a visit!

Heterorhea dabbenei



extinct species in our digital exhibits

Tropical Leaves
Aphanapteryx bonasia.png

Red Rail

Nycticorax mauritianus.png

Mauritius Night-Heron

Porphyrio caerulescens.png

Réunion Swamphen


The world of Fossyls was founded as a project in June 2019 by biologist and amateur graphic designer Bas Engels. If you'd like to know more about the background of this project, click on the button down below.

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