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Have you ever had the feeling that there’s something missing from our world? Your feeling was right! Time has left many magnificent creatures, that once roamed our planet, behind. Biologist and amateur graphic designer Bas Engels is bringing them back into the world of Fossyls and you can witness them in their digital exhibits!


Meet the Fossyls and their creator!


Fossyls are the graphically designed creatures that have been resurrected into their digital exhibits in the world of Fossyls. Long extinct animals from the past roaming around on these servers; prehistory in the making! Don’t expect them to be scary, because all Fossyls are cutely designed, but still retain their natural features that once made them unique!


Bas Engels uses his knowledge of (paleo)biology and animal anatomy to create Fossyls in his own style; cute, fluffy, but still retaining recognizable features. He works as an ecologist in the field of ornithology and uses his spare time to work on his graphic designing skills by making presentations, posters, invitations and many other designs.


Follow the Fossyls on social media!


Every now and then, new extinct creatures will be resurrected and presented here on this website. You can follow the project on social media to keep up with the newest additions to the Fossyl family. Thank you for visiting the Fossyls!

Tohoraata raekohao.png

Tohoraata raekohao

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